TC 500

Transporter TC 500

The Transporter TC 500 is a professional transporter, very sturdy and versatile, suitable for carrying all types of materials for agriculture, forestry and construction industry.

Transporter TC 500 professional dumperBuilt with a sturdy high-resistance steel frame, it can be equipped either with Dumper or agriculture platform, depending on the area of use.
Both types of platforms are equipped with hydraulic tipping system and guarantee a loading capacity of 450 kg.

Transporter TC 500 professional dumper Hydraulic overturning

The Transporter TC500 of Casorzo Macchine Agricole s.r.l. features a hydraulic transmission gear and is operated via two levers that allows you to adjust the speed and the direction of the machine.

Transporter TC 500 footboardThe machine is equipped with cutting-edge engines, very powerful and energy-efficient, available in both petrol and diesel versions.



Available motorizations

Honda GX 270:
kw6,6 HP9 gasoline

Technical data

Recoil starter – Electrical starting
Width: 700 mm – Length: 1400 mm – Heigth: 1200 mm
With hydraulic transmission
4,5 Km/h
Carrying capacity
450 Kg
Dumper or with collapsable sides
Independent with tracks
Is characterized by a robust supporting steel structure
320 Kg
Safety devices
The device is accordant with the new CEE regulations
Available implements
Splatform with collapsable sides or dumper – Loading shovel – Concrete mixer

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