CU7 diesel

Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel

The Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel is a highly professional machine designed to deliver maximum performance. Motor Hoe CU7 DieselThe gearbox has 4 speeds, 3 forward and 1 reverse, operated by a comfortable lever situated at the height of the handlebars. The Handlebars of Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel are adjustable in height and laterally.

Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel commands StegoleAccessories available: coulterridger plough, single share plough, potato digger plough, transfer wheels, made of full rubber rings with hub, iron wheels, towed cart.

Motor Hoe CU7 DieselThe Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel equipped with a sturdy mechanical gearbox with high resistance gears in oil bath, this rotavator is particularly suitable to work in depth even in very hard, stony soils.

The transmission of the rotary tiller is designed with a pinion and crown in oil bath mounted in a cast iron casing to ensure maximum strength and reliability.

Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel Motor drive

The standard rotary tiller of Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel is 90 cm wide and it consists of 6 rows of hardened steel hoes attached by means of bolts and mounted on a 27 mm hexagonal shaft.

Motor Hoe CU7 Diesel cutterMotor Hoe CU7 Diesel Cutting knives



The ridger plough and the single share plough can be adjusted and connected to the back of the rototiller.

aratro-monovomere-per-motozzappe-e-motocoltivatori-casorzocu6-aratro-assolcatore-rincalzatore-ridger-plough-casorzoTowed trailer


Available motorizations

Kohler CH 395:
kw7 HP9,5 gasoline
Honda GX 270:
kw6,6 HP9 gasoline
Lombardini 15LD/350:
kw6 HP8 diesel
Lombardini 6LD/360:
kw6 HP8 diesel
Lombardini 6LD/400:
kw6,5 HP8,8 diesel

Technical data

Recoil starter – Electrical starting
With oil bath gears
3 forward gears + 1 reverse gears
Conic active
Standard rotary tiller:
Adjustable with x 6 hoes system and side discs – Working width 900 mm – with hexagonal shaft
Hoes system diameter
Working width area with side discs:
Adjustable at 75 – 90 – 120 cm
Working depth:
Upper: 711 rpm – Lower: synchronized with the gearbox
Tiller transmission box:
in cast iron
Standard implement
Adjustable support
Height and side adjustment, reversible
Safety devices
Active clutch reverse speed PTO cut-out
Available implements
Single furrow plough, furrower plough, potatoes digger, trailer, transport wheels

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