Vertical Axis Rotary Plough

Vertical Axis Rotary Plough

The Vertical Axis Rotary Plough is patented by Casorzo Macchine Agricole S.r.l. and it was designed to be used on tough land, where you would not operate with such huge traditional machines.

Vertical Axis Rotary PloughThe operating depth is adjustable thanks to the sleight on its back and it is up to a maximum of 30cm.

The rotary disks can tilt and are made of temperated carbon.

Vertical Axis Rotary Plough double rotationThey go deep into the land and bring some new one up to the surface.

This plough is also useful for the ridging and the plowing and to make ditches by going on.
The Vertical Axis Rotary Plough is able to destroy any kind of brambles and it can bury them below without breaking down or being blocked.

Vertical Axis Rotary Plough patentIt is also a very reversible device by using a lever located in the upper part of the machine, so that it can verge both on the right and on the left and driveand head the rotation of the disk for both directions.

Vertical Axis Rotary Plough CasorzoThis rotary plow can be applied on Casorzo Macchine Agricole s.r.l. walking tractors as well as on other machines thanks to its characteristics.

Anyway in order to get the best out of this machine, it must be powered at 8/14 HP.

Vertical Axis Rotary Plough Casorzo plowing

Vertical Axis Rotary Plough Casorzo demonstration





Technical data

Conical couple with oil bath and the inverter of internal motion
Speed maximum rotation:
230 rpm
Rotor diameter:
Left and right side from 25° to 45°
Working depths:
30-35 cm
47 Kg

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