Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy

This section implements the rules issued by the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data with the 229/2014 Ruling “Identification of simplified procedures for the information and the acquisition of consent for the use of cookies.”
For Cookie means a small text file that the sites visited by the user to send their terminals, where they are stored before being retransmitted to the same sites on their next visit.
During the navigation of a site, the user can receive on his terminal even cookies that are sent from different web sites or servers (called “third parties”).
The information stored in cookies remain anonymous since the cookie identification number is not associated with the personal information provided by users.

The website uses the following types of cookies:

Technical cookies
This category Functional cookies:

to ensure navigation and use of the web site in all its functions such as user identification in restricted areas (home banking). These cookies are called “navigation cookie or session”;
to enable the collation and analysis of information on the site. This information on the number of visitors and on the entries made, is collected and managed in aggregate by Google Analytics. These cookies are called “analytics cookies”;
to allow the user browsing the function of a number of selected criteria, such as the tongue or the products selected for purchase. These cookies are called “functional cookies” in order to improve the service given to the same.
For the installation of these cookies made from Casorzo Agricultural machinery SRL regulations do not require the consent because they are not used for purposes other than, or in addition to those listed above. Also you do not need the prior consent for the use of such cookies.

Third-party profiling cookies
This category cookies, installed by parties other than the Casorzo SRL Agricultural machines, to track user surfing the net and create profiles on his tastes, habits and choices, with which can be transmitted to user terminal advertising messages in line with the expressed preferences.
The installation of that type of cookie requires the user’s consent to the third party, without which they will not be installed.
The site uses cookies of third parties listed below with links to informational privacy where you may give or withhold its consent to the installation of these cookies:
Google Analytics – /
Google AdWords –
Rocketfuel –
Facebook Ads –
it is noted that, if the user does not make any choice regarding the installation of profiling cookie consent of the third party indicated above, the decision to continue with the navigation on this web site “jumping” the banner, entail the consent to the use of such cookies.

Cookie profiling of Casorzo Agricultural Machinery SRL
There are no profiling cookies installed directly from Casorzo Agricultural machinery SRL

Subject to the above, the user can still set your browser to receive a warning of the presence of a cookie and decide whether to accept or reject it. It may also intervene on setting your browser through the appropriate option, in order to automatically reject the receipt of cookies. Emphasizing that the disabling of certain technical cookies may prevent the use of some functions of the site, it informs you that at all times you can change the security settings of your browser and follow the instructions for disabling cookies and for the eventual elimination of cookies already on the user’s device, accessing the following link:
Mozilla Firefox –
Windows Internet Explorer – http: // windows.
Google Chrome –
Opera – http: / /
Apple Safari –