Sweeper - Casorzo Macchine Agricole S.r.l.
Project Description


The sweeper is a device for walking tractors and lawn mowers of Casorzo Macchine Agricole s.r.l. is the right solution to clean up roads, pavements, yards, synthetic grass and in the winter season it is particularly useful to remove the snow. It is also an exceptional ice resurfacing machine!

The driving system is an oil-bathed one and the sweeper can be tilted both on the right and on the left by means of a comfortable lever to be operated and

moved from the driving position directly. Some pivot wheels help the operator to adjust the height from the ground. There are two two models of sweeper:

width 100 cm, diameter 50 cm, weight 35 kg or width 120 cm, diameter 50 cm and weight 38 kg

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